"Finally, a planner that makes sense for busy people who pray."

Use this fill-in-blank journal to 3x clarity, focus, and progress without the overwhelm and burnout

Do you sometimes struggle to set priorities for your day and make consistent progress with what matters most?

Do you want greater clarity, focus, and fulfillment in your daily work and life?

There’s good news:

Prayer Plan Your Life™ is a simple, 3-step focusing system that brings the spiritual and the practical togetherso you can get more of the right things done every day with a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and joy

The result: success that satisfies without the overwhelm or burnout.

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Why Conventional "Lists" Don't Work For Us

There's always a big list of things to do.

The trouble is, 'busy' work often consumes our day leaving us feeling exhasted and empty. Yes, there are a thousand little things to get done but the things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.

Prayer Plan Your Life™ unlocks a NEW WAY of clarifying and aligning life purpose and big goals with daily priorities without losing your focus.

5 Minutes to Focus and Organize Your Day

Unlike other planners that overwhelm you with irrelevant pages and convoluted methods that fail in the real world, Prayer Plan Your Life™ features a simple, but powerful system and layout to plan less and accomplish more.

Pen & Paper Is Proven To Help Focus

Nowadays everything is digital, and in your phone.

So why a paper planner? 

It's simple science: digital apps are good for capturing thoughts and ideas, but they're not great at helping you put your thoughts and ideas into action. 

That's because apps live within a force field of distraction: you open your phone and you end up getting sucked into a world of digitial 'shiny objects' that hi-jack your attention and make it hard to focus, think, and get things done. 

On the other hand, studies have proven that using pen and paper to write things down lasers your focus, improves concentration, and increases motivation.

Imagine wrapping up your work week feeling accomplished

More and more people are feeling the frustration of work that doesn't work. 

We're doing more and accomplishing less. 

Result: we feel disconnected and drained, and our relationships suffer.

The breakthrough comes by aligning and measuring your progress towards your primary assignment, goals, and habits based on what matters most and having a 'compass' that makes it easier to get back on track when life happens. 

Business, Career, and Creative Professionals Love Prayer Plan Your Life™

Gain Life Giving Perspective

"My day used to run me… but not any more. Prayer Plan Your Life™ bookends my day, in the morning when I am tender and looking up in prayer. And in the evening after the press of the day subsides. reflecting on the day. The perspective is life giving and helps me live the life I want to live. I love these tools."

Yvette L.


Clear the Mental Clutter

"Using the Prayer Plan Your Life™ productivity system has helped clear the mental clutter of my competing deadlines to focus on what really matters. Each day I determine my priorities for Personal Growth, People and Influence, and Projects to Complete as I pray over next steps and challenges. My level of spiritual insight has increased significantly as I see God guiding my actions day by day."

Robert K.

Business Owner

Bring the Spiritual and Practical Together

"Prayer Plan Your Life™ has helped this creative focus on my one big priority daily, weave God’s voice into the details of my life and work, and navigate interpersonal difficulties with grace and prayer. Bringing the spiritual and practical together helps me lead my own life well and become a better leader to others."

Daisy B.

Author & Social Media Influencer

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1 Journal

Reg: $34.99

1 Prayer Plan Your Life™ Journals Plus the FREE Bonuses ($398 worth of productivity tools)

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4 Journals

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4 Prayer Plan Your Life™ Journals Plus the FREE Bonuses ($398 worth of productivity tools)

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: In the unlikely event you don't see an increase in your focus and productivity with Prayer Plan Your Life™, simply reach out to us by email within 90 days for a prompt and cheerful refund. You still keep The Journal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each Journal last?

Each journal covers 90 Days (1 quarter)

Your 1 page life plan will guide your focus and also allows the flexibility to update each 90 days to adjust with new opportunities or challenges sure to come.  You don't need to do it all 'perfectly', you just need to do it!

4 Journals take you through the year.

Can I still use a conventional or digital calendar?

Of course, in fact, we recommend it. Linda will show you how to integrate your new system with your calendar of choice in the welcome bonus video class when you purchase your journal. 

I'm always starting and jumping systems. Why should I try Prayer Plan Your Life™?

Smart use of the journal will free you and focus you while recording your life journey along the way. The morning routine and evening reflection will bookend your day in a way that allows you better rest at night and more productivity in the day.  Give yourself permission to succeed.

I've never been good at journaling. Can I do this?

Prayer Plan Your Life™ uses a 'bullet point' approach to help you capture what matters without writing volumes.  

Do I have to fill in every blank?

The blanks seamlessly guide you through a proven methodology to get the important things done, the things that move you forward.  

What if I like to draw?

The shaded free space gives you room to sketch, doodle, or draw your thoughts.

Do you have an app?

Linda recommends writing on paper as the preferred method to capture what God is speaking and plan your day with Him as distinguished from distracting screens. 

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